Association between cannabis use and sexual risk behavior among young heterosexual adults.

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AIDS Behav. 2006 Sep;10(5):599-605.

Association between cannabis use and sexual risk behavior among young heterosexual adults.

Brodbeck J, Matter M, Moggi F.

University Hospital for Clinical Psychiatry, Berne, Switzerland.


To study the association between cannabis use and frequent sexual risk behavior, we tested the hypothesis of a situational influence of cannabis use in sexual encounters using a combination of global association study and event-level analysis and examined possible mediator variables, including the personality trait of hedonism/risk preference, psychosocial stress, and HIV-related beliefs, using mediation models. The results of a computer-assisted telephone interview of a random sample of 2790 heterosexual men and women aged 16-24 years showed that risky sexual behavior was more frequent in cannabis-using men and women than in non-using persons. The results did not support a situational effect of cannabis intoxication on sexual risk behavior. The more frequent sexual risk behavior among cannabis users was mediated by decreased intentions to use HIV protection, by lower HIV-self-efficacy, and higher risk preference/hedonism. Only among women psychosocial stress was a partial mediator. The findings show that HIV prevention programs for cannabis-using young adults should emphasize the role of person variables instead of situation variables.

Sobre a UNIAD

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