Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Health: Current Evidence

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Table of Contents: September-October, 2015


Two Screening Questions Detect Drug Use Disorders in Primary Care

Efficacy of Electronic Interventions for Unhealthy Alcohol Use

Titrated-Dose Baclofen May Have Efficacy for Treating Alcohol Use Disorder

Clinical Reminders Insufficient to Implement Alcohol Screening

Can Brief Alcohol Intervention That Includes Referral Lead to Receipt of Treatment by Medical and Surgical Inpatients?

Brief Alcohol Interventions for Adolescents and Young Adults Result in Modest Reductions in Consumption

Response to Naltrexone for Alcohol Use Disorder is Not Mediated by an Opioid Receptor Polymorphism

Does Opioid Agonist Therapy for Prisoners Reduce Drug-Related Deaths After Prison Release?


Effects of Alcohol on Blood Pressure Among Women: A Randomized Trial


Buprenorphine Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder Improves Primary Care-Based Addiction Treatment Engagement Among People With and At Risk for HIV

Alcohol-Related Diagnoses Increase the Risk of Hospitalization Among People with HIV

Receipt of Both Antiretroviral Therapy and Opioid Agonist Therapy Associated with Decreased Mortality Among People with HIV and Injection Drug Use

Benzodiazepine Use is an Independent Risk Factor for HIV Infection Among People with Injection Drug Use


Update on Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Health

Journal Club

Sobre a UNIAD

A Unidade de Pesquisa em álcool e Drogas (UNIAD) foi fundada em 1994 pelo Prof. Dr. Ronaldo Laranjeira e John Dunn, recém-chegados da Inglaterra. A criação contou, na época, com o apoio do Departamento de Psiquiatria da UNIFESP. Inicialmente (1994-1996) funcionou dentro do Complexo Hospital São Paulo, com o objetivo de atender funcionários dependentes.


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