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Oksanen, Atte (2012) Addiction and Rehabilitation in Autobiographical Books by Rock Artists, 1974 – 2010.

Drug & Alcohol Review (early view, article first published online: 27 May 2012,doi:10.1111/j.1465-3362.2012.00474.x)

A recent study shows that North American and European rock and pop stars have significantly higher mortality than demographically matched populations, and their main causes of death have often been related to the use of alcohol and drugs [1]. The fall of addicted stars is closely monitored in the current media culture [2–3]. The deaths of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston are two of the most recent cases of premature musician mortality.

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Commentaries on Caulkins et al. (2012)

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Although some countries have quasi-legalized cannabis use (the Netherlands), made cannabis available for medical purposes (California currently has more than 1000 medical marijuana shops) or allowed the growing of a small number of cannabis plants for personal use (Australia), in most countries (the Netherlands included) cannabis supply, distribution and use is prohibited [1]. Nevertheless, cannabis is the most popular illicit drug. In 2009, between 2.8% and 4.5% of the world population aged 15–64 years, corresponding to between 125 and
203 million people, had used cannabis at least once in the past year [2].