Brief article – G. Alan Marlatt: 1941–2011

16 de agosto de 20111min85

From the vantage point of 2011, it is difficult to appreciate just how far ahead of his time Alan Marlatt was. He was doing federally funded research on alcohol treatment before the founding of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. He was a model and mentor encouraging psychologists to get involved in addiction treatment at a time when it had even less academic status, and colleagues asked, “Why would you ever want to work on that?

No one ever gets better!” His was a voice for humane treatment in an era when the norm was harsh authoritarian, often punitive measures that could be considered malpractice in the treatment of nearly any other disorder.


Sobre a UNIAD

A Unidade de Pesquisa em álcool e Drogas (UNIAD) foi fundada em 1994 pelo Prof. Dr. Ronaldo Laranjeira e John Dunn, recém-chegados da Inglaterra. A criação contou, na época, com o apoio do Departamento de Psiquiatria da UNIFESP. Inicialmente (1994-1996) funcionou dentro do Complexo Hospital São Paulo, com o objetivo de atender funcionários dependentes.


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