The Brain in Action - Joint Workshop DFG-FAPESP

Segunda, 24 Setembro 2018 08:28


The Brain in Action is a FAPESP and DFG initiative bringing together Brazilian and German neuroscientists to discuss important topics in the field of Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (HIAE) will host this event. Researchers from HIAE, UNIFESP, UFABC and Marburg University will present their recent projects about: motor control, language, sleep, epilepsy, neurodevelopment, psychopathology, brain-behavior in adolescents, translational neuroimaging, cognitive reserve, contemplative practices and stress. Magnetic resonance imaging, EEG, eye-tracker and fNIRS are some of the technologies involved in these studies.​​​

PS: The event will be in English without translation


Neuroscience researchers and students; health care professionals and students interested in the topic

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